How To Spot Wind Damage

Property Damage: How To Spot Wind Damage?

Extreme storms can lead to severe wind damage throughout your property, which can deteriorate it and decrease its curb appeal. As summer approaches, frightening weather will begin making its appearance. While we can all take cover indoors, the outsides of our properties don’t have that same option. These severe storms can wreak havoc on the […]

5 Ways You Can Prepare Your Property for Spring Storms

Prepare Your Property for Spring Storms

Though winter has passed, it may not feel like it’s over; you can expect many spring storms throughout the next few months. Spring is known for its rapid and sudden changes in weather. One moment you may be experiencing a cloud-free blue sky, and the next minute, it’s a complete downpour. Rain showers, thunderstorms, severe […]

A Tree Fell on My House: What Should I Do?

A Tree Fell on My House: What Should I Do?

With intense storms comes strong winds, heavy wind, lightning, and other extreme weather — each of which can cause a tree or branch to fall.  Of course, we hope that no one has to deal with an unfortunate event like a tree falling on their house, but it’s important to know ahead of time what […]