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Fire Damage Restoration

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A fire can be devastating for homes and businesses. Not only is the structure damaged, but many of the belongings inside are damaged either from the fire itself or from the smoke. At Restoremasters we take care of you from the moment the fire is out to the complete restored project.

After a fire does its damage, we’re often left feeling vulnerable. Restoremasters starts by immediately boarding up your home to protect against thieves, weather elements, and more.


If your home is damaged by a fire in the winter, you’ve got more to think about than fire and smoke restoration. Restoremasters will blow out your lines, stopping pipes from freezing and subsequently bursting, causing more damage. Let us properly protect your home from further damage, helping you get back sooner.

Once smoke damage occurs, it is difficult to remove. Even after the structure of your building has been restored, the smell of smoke can still linger. Our smoke damage restoration process involves the latest technologies to truly rid your home of the smell and damage. We use negative air machines, which use deodorizing crystals. While doing this, our team will wipe down your belongings, completely ridding the smell. Contact us with your fire damage clean up needs, we’ll help get your home back.

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