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A Tree Fell on My House: What Should I Do?

A Tree Fell on My House: What Should I Do?

With intense storms comes strong winds, heavy wind, lightning, and other extreme weather — each of which can cause a tree or branch to fall. 

Of course, we hope that no one has to deal with an unfortunate event like a tree falling on their house, but it’s important to know ahead of time what to do if it were to happen. Understanding which immediate steps need to take place and quick thinking and acting can be the difference between life and death. 

Save your family and protect your home by completing the following steps if you find that a tree has fallen on your property.

What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your Home

STEP ONE — Evacuate the Property Immediately

If a tree falls on your house, immediately get yourself and your loved ones out. Because a swift and safe exit is essential, everyone needs to know your evacuation plan. Take time each year to practice your plan with your crew. Additionally, each member of your family should have a 72-hour kit in an easy-to-access place that is packed with your specific essentials: food, water, clothes, medication, cash, important documents, diapers and wipes, and toiletries.

STEP TWO — Call Emergency Crews

In some cases, a branch falling on your house may not look like a big deal, but the problems can be bigger than they seem, not to mention hidden issues may be lurking. Do not attempt to handle the problem yourself. Once you and your family have evacuated the premises, call emergency services to let them know of your situation so they can advise you what needs to happen next. They might send a fire crew to take a look or a public utility worker to check out electrical and gas lines and connections.

STEP THREE — Reach Out to Your Insurance Company

Most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover at least a portion of the damage caused by storms, including a tree falling on your house and the cost to remove it. Make sure to take before and after pictures of your home. Take photos of your property in its current, “perfect” condition before a storm hits, and then, once disaster strikes, make sure to take new pictures of the damage — your insurance company will want to see them. After you file your claim, your insurance company will tell you how to proceed. 

STEP FOUR — Contact a Trusted Emergency Remediation Service

It’s smart to have a trusted and reputable emergency remediation company picked out, so you are ready when disaster strikes. If you don’t do the research now, you might get stuck with the first company you call, which might be a big mistake! Depending on what your insurance company says to do, take steps moving forward from there.

Contact Restoremasters

When disaster strikes, such as a tree falling on your house, the team at Restoremasters is available to help you 24/7 and will be at your property in one hour or less. We start each visit by securing the site and begin remediation efforts. Get back in your home faster with the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Restoremasters, and contact us today! We serve Ogden, Salt Lake City, Tooele, and other surrounding Utah cities.


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