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How To Spot Wind Damage

Property Damage: How To Spot Wind Damage?

Extreme storms can lead to severe wind damage throughout your property, which can deteriorate it and decrease its curb appeal.

As summer approaches, frightening weather will begin making its appearance. While we can all take cover indoors, the outsides of our properties don’t have that same option. These severe storms can wreak havoc on the exterior of homes, businesses, and their surrounding property. While the outside of your house takes the brunt of these strong winds, hail, and heavy rainfall, spotting wind damage isn’t always clear-cut or obvious. However, the sooner you can spot and repair the damage, the better. Below you’ll find a few things to watch for when looking for wind damage on your home.

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How to Spot Wind Damage on Your Property

When a wind storm strikes, it’s always a good idea to check out your home and land to see if it has suffered any damage that needs addressing. Here are a few things to watch out for when it comes to wind damage and your property:

Wind Damage on Your Roof — Your roof can take a serious beating during a windstorm, especially your shingles and gutter system. Broken, curling, and missing shingles are sure signs that your roof has sustained damage. Spotting this damage is easy and can be repaired or replaced relatively easily. Your gutters and downspouts are especially susceptible to damage in a windstorm. If any parts are loose, bent, or detached from your roofline, you probably have wind damage to thank for that. 

Wind Damage to Your Landscaping — Most landscaping is no match for intense winds. If your property has become damaged by the wind, you could see several things, some evidence milder and others more severe. Your flowers’ pedals or your flowerbeds’ mulch coverings could all be blown away, branches and tree limbs could be broken off and have fallen to the ground, and, in extreme situations, trees and other large plantings could be uprooted and on their sides.

Wind Damage and Personal Property — If you aren’t careful, strong winds can make your personal property left outside disappear. Between missing trampolines, patio furniture, and grills, extreme wind and your outdoor belongings are no match.

Wind Damage to the Exterior of Your Home — While your home is probably not built of straw or sticks like two of the Three Little Pigs, the exterior of your home, depending on the materials used, can get damaged by wind storms. The wind is powerful enough to peel away your siding or even send flying debris right into the side of your house. if you spot this, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your home, like water damage.

Contact Restoremasters to Repair Wind Damage on Your Home

Spotting and repairing wind damage as soon as possible is essential, which is why the professionals at Restoremasters are here to help. If your home along the Wasatch Front, from American Fork down to Provo, Utah, has been affected by extreme weather, mold, fire, or another disaster, our skilled technicians will work effectively and efficiently to restore your property to its former state. Our team of professionals has more than 100 years of combined experience and is available 24/7 for emergency assistance. Contact the pros at Restoremasters to learn more today.


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