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Can Graffiti Cause Permanent Damage?

Can Graffiti Cause Permanent Damage?

There are many effects of graffiti and vandalism, some of which may cause permanent damage to a wall if not handled immediately. 

Whether the graffiti on your home or business was a one-off, random attack or a thought-out malicious act of vandalism, you must deal with it swiftly; otherwise, you may be left with irreversible damage. The longer graffiti is left untreated, the more challenging it is to remove it. Additionally, graffiti left on the walls of your property will only attract more graffiti artists to leave their mark. 

Continue reading below to learn the long-term effects that graffiti can have.

Permanent Damage Caused by Graffiti

Spray paint contains harsh and toxic chemicals that can lead to the erosion of building surfaces, such as concrete, brick, and siding. While spray paint has the potential to cause permanent damage, more often than not, it is the failed attempt to remove graffiti that leaves damage to your office building or house. Here are some ways that graffiti and the removal of it can leave lasting damage to your property:

Etching — A common side effect of a non-professional attempt at removing graffiti is etching. When a product is used that is too corrosive or harsh, it can roughen the surface of the wall, leaving a permanent mark. The effects of abrasive chemicals on exterior walls can be irreversible and may harm the person applying the solution if not used carefully.

Graffiti Shadows — Doing the job yourself and attempting to remove graffiti on your own might seem like a good idea (we all love to save money!), but taking matters into your own hands will probably make matters worse. Using the wrong solution can enhance the appearance of graffiti, especially on stone walls, leaving a dark shadow in its place or surrounding the graffiti.

Harmful to Your Business’ Reputation — An office or building covered in offensive or distasteful graffiti can give off a negative impression, especially to clients, customers, and those walking or driving by. It can be off-putting to potential clients and gives them a reason to believe that the owner of the building or company does not care about their image. 

Damages of Pressure Washing — While the professional use of pressure washers to remove graffiti can be effective, a pressure washer in the wrong hands might cause more harm than the graffiti itself. Pressure washing can cause dents, holes, and the removal of the original paint on your exteriors. It can also cause the graffiti to bleed and stain other surfaces causing more damage to your home or business. To avoid further damage, it’s best to call in the professionals.

Avoid Permanent Damage from Graffiti and Contact Restoremasters Today!

Removing graffiti yourself can cause further and permanent damage to your Salt Lake City, Utah, home or business. For that reason, calling the professionals to handle the job is essential, like the experts at Restoremasters. Vandalism can strike at any time of day, which is why our trusted and knowledgeable technicians are available 24/7 to address emergency acts of vandalism. Contact Restoremasters today to restore your business or home to its former condition.


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