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Water Damage: What is Contaminated Water?

Water Damage to Property: What is Contaminated Water?

One of the most challenging and stressful emergencies a homeowner can experience is water damage to their property. Whether flooding occurs in a confined space, like your laundry room or bathroom, or is dispersed throughout your entire home, water damage can be a decorating and overwhelming experience. Staying safe should always be your number one […]

How You Can Prevent Flooding in Your Basement

How to Storm-Proof Your Property

You can prevent flooding in your basement by implementing a handful of effective yet simple practices. One of the most disheartening things as a homeowner is discovering that your basement has flooded. Cleaning up and restoring water damage and mold can be incredibly challenging and dangerous, especially if it involves sewage. There are many reasons […]

Common Household Appliances That Could Cause Water Damage


One of the biggest fears of homeowners everywhere is the scary potential of water damage to their property. Water damage, in many cases, is preventable. Of course, some situations cannot be controlled, such as a flash flood or a burst pipe. But, a large amount of water damage cases are completely avoidable, like damage caused […]

How to Tell Whether Water Damage is Old or New

How to Tell Whether Water Damage is Old or New

If you notice water damage inside your home, you’re probably asking yourself, “Has that water damage always been there? Or is it new?” You need to determine if the damage has been present for a while or if it’s new so that you know the extent. Identifying the type of damage, you’re dealing with can […]

How Bad is Water Damage?

How Bad is Water Damage?

Water damage is a problem that every home and business owner dreads. When it rains or snows heavily, the risk of this type of damage increases. Worst of all, water damage can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of destruction by damaging upholstery, electronics, wood furniture, appliances, plumbing, and more.  Keep reading to learn about […]

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes


Frozen pipes can lead to all sorts of problem. If it’s not taken care of, frozen pipes can lead to pipes bursting, water damage, and even foundational damage. So how can you tell if your pipes are frozen? And what should you do if they do freeze? We’ve got some answers for you. If you’re […]

How To Dry Out Your House After Water Damage


After water damage has infected your home, it can be tough to recover from. If you have experienced a flood, a burst pipe, or some other water damage, your home can experience further damage if it is not dealt with properly and in a timely manner. Anywhere where there is excessive moisture, there is a […]

How To Avoid Water Damage


Water damage in your home can be very costly, but it can also be avoided. Leaks and standing water are common culprits—do what you can do avoid these and keep your house safe from water damage. Water damage causes damage to your house in numerous ways, including mold growth and even structural damage.  Clean out […]