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Common Household Appliances That Could Cause Water Damage


One of the biggest fears of homeowners everywhere is the scary potential of water damage to their property.

Water damage, in many cases, is preventable. Of course, some situations cannot be controlled, such as a flash flood or a burst pipe. But, a large amount of water damage cases are completely avoidable, like damage caused by the appliances in your home or business. Your household appliances have the potential to cause serious damage and can actually increase the chances of flooding.

So, which appliances are most likely to cause damage? Continue reading to find out.

4 Appliances That Could Cause Water Damage

As a homeowner, it is important to understand that the appliances you use in your home could leak and lead to water damage. Here are four household appliances that have the potential to cause damage to your property:

Refrigerator — Fridges that cannot correctly seal or a defrosted drain clog are major causes for condensation buildup that often lead to water leaks underneath the unit. For the defrosted drain, let the ice melt and flush the drain with hot water. For a refrigerator that won’t seal, inspect the rubber seal attached to the door.

Washing Machine — If your washing machine is leaking, don’t turn your head! Leaks surrounding the water hose clamps could mean future problems. It’s best to examine your water hoses every month, looking for cracks, leaks, or rust. Ideally, hoses should be replaced at least every five years, regardless of how good they look. The ice maker in your freezer can also be the culprit, so it’s best to check the hose and waterline to ensure they are properly connected monthly.

Hot Water Heater — Many water heaters have huge storage tanks that, over time, can corrode thanks to mineral buildup and age-related wear. Unfortunately, this can lead to leaks or, in worst case situations, tank bursts, causing a flood on your floor. We suggest annual inspections of the unit can minimize the chances of excessive damage. By flushing the tank every six months, you remove sediments that can cause your water heater to become damaged and lengthen the life of the unit.

Dishwasher — Dishwashers can leak due to malfunctioning valves and hoses. Loose connections can leave your kitchen in a puddle of water and lead to significant water damage. It is wise to check it monthly to ensure no leaks have started.

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