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Signs of Water Damage

Water damage can happen for a number reasons but the longer the water sits the more damage that is done to the structure and its contents. Here are signs of water damage to detect it as early as possible.

Water damage can happen for a number reasons including flooding disasters, leaky roofs and plumbing malfunctions. The longer the water sits the more damage accumulates eventually leading to mold and mildew. In order to catch the problem as early as possible, here are some signs to look for.

Warped Flooring

If your beautiful wood floor has any sort of bend or misshape, this could be a result of water damage. Warping isn’t limited to wood floors either. Curling of a floor’s edge or cracking of any kind can happen to any type of flooring that has been damaged by water.


Often times it is easy to find a leaking pipe because of the damage it causes to the walls and ceiling. This damage appears as a yellow or brown stain and if spotted, you’ll need to uncover the source as soon as possible. Check the appliances or plumbing units connected to these waterlines, the pipes themselves and look for loose caulking or missing grout as a result of water seepage.

These types of stains on your ceiling of an upstairs room can indicate a roof leak. When trying to find the exact location of a leaky roof, remember to take into consideration the angle of the roof and the drip line caused from the angle. These stains often appear at the hinges of the roof and wall or where the two roofs come together. This doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where the source of the leak as it could have run down from a higher location.

Cracking or Peeling Walls

Not all water damage is caused from a mishap. Humidity from the outside or poor venation from the inside causes cracking or peeling walls. When the drywall cracks, this means the wall is holding too much moisture and needs professional treatment as soon as possible.

A Bad Smell

Sometimes the signs of water damage are not visibly obvious. Mold is a result of water damage and has a musty smell that comes with it. If you have a room that has this particular scent, it is worth your time to check the appliances, pipes, plumbing and walls to find where the mold is coming from.

It’s a good idea to do an occasional inventory of your home to see if there are any problems with water damage. The sooner you can catch the damage, the simpler the cleanup process is. Let us know what you find and we’ll be there to make things right again.


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