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Removing the Musty Smell in a Home

Removing the Musty Smell in a Home

Discovering a musty smell in a home can lead to hours spent chasing down that odor and whatever is causing it. Unfortunately, the culprit is nearly always mold and mildew.

Can I Sue My Landlord For Black Mold?

Can I Sue My Landlord For Black Mold?

If you believe your apartment is contaminated with black mold, you may be able to sue your landlord to receive compensation. The following blog post will help you understand your legal options if a mold infestation in your apartment has impacted your health. Black Mold Is Hazardous Mold is everywhere, including the air you breathe. However, […]

Exposure To Mold May Affect Your Physical Health


Exposure to mold may affect your physical health—but this is not the case for everyone. Unless it is toxic mold, most mold will grow without detection. However, if you among the unlucky few who are susceptible to mold sensitivity, you may experience cold-like symptoms. Mold sensitivity can lead to allergic reactions, sneezing, runny nose, red […]

Signs You Have a Mold Problem


Mold growth can often go undetected for some time. If it is left for too long, mold can cause extensive damage. Check your home for these signs to avoid any potential mold damage in your space.  1. A Strange Odor Mold growth can cause your house to smell strange and feel stuffy. If you’re noticing […]

Signs of Water Damage

Water damage can happen for a number reasons but the longer the water sits the more damage that is done to the structure and its contents. Here are signs of water damage to detect it as early as possible.