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Why You Should Be Using a Drain Snake Regularly

Standing in an ever-growing pool of water while you’re trying to take a shower is no one’s idea of a good time. Clogged drains are something that will happen naturally in every home over time, particularly in older houses.  

When you notice water beginning to drain slowly, it’s time to work on clearing out those pipes. Addressing any draining issues early will be one way to avoid unwanted water damage.

In fact, one of the best flood damage cleanup and water damage cleanup tips you follow is to do as much preventative maintenance as possible. You can use a plunger, pour chemicals down the drain, or use a drain snake to keep the water flowing properly in your home. But which one should you use?

Here’s why you should be using a drain snake regularly.

Ease of Use

First off, drain snakes are easy to use. The long, flexible metal cable will come with a cone shape on the end, also made out of metal. This end piece, or auger, is used to “drill” through any hair or debris that may have gone down the drain while hooking and collecting the gunk in your pipes. The flexible cable will be able to easily move through the twists and turns of the pipes. As you continue to insert the “snake” into the drain and turn the handle to keep it twisting, you will be able to reach and clear any obstructions in the line. When you feel you’ve gone far enough, you can slowly pull the drain snake out of your pipes and discard of the collected debris. Finish up by running some water down the drain to flush out anything that may have been loosened by the drain snake.

Save you Money

Drain snakes can range anywhere from less than $5 to over $100, depending on how high-tech you want to get. In most cases, the cost upfront is going to be relatively low. But as you regularly use your drain snake and eliminate small blockages before they become big ones, you’ll be saving yourself lots of money that would otherwise be spent paying a plumber big bucks to come unclog your drains. And you  neglect your pipes and the problem is bad enough, you may find yourself on the hunt for water damage restoration companies in the area to deal with the aftermath of flood and water damage. Not only will you have the stress of trying to salvage your belongings from the water, but you may be worried about big restoration companies like SERVPRO overcharging. Avoid lots of hassle and fees and get in the habit of regularly using a drain snake.

If you’ve had trouble with your pipes and are looking for water cleanup services, look no further than one of the top restoration companies in Utah, RestoreMasters. Water damage isn’t the end of the world, and when you work with RestoreMasters you can be confident that they will work hard to minimize the costs of water damage, and work quickly to make your home better than it was before.


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