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Why Cleaning Your Rain Gutters Is Important

Cleaning your gutters is a job that’s easily forgotten when you have so many other household projects and jobs to take care of. But your rain gutters serve a very important purpose, which is why it is a job that shouldn’t be put off for too long.

Your rain gutters help to move rain and runoff from snow away from your home. But as leaves begin to fall in autumn, rain gutters make the perfect cradle to catch them. Twigs and other debris can quickly fill your gutters as well.  If you don’t remove this debris before winter, it will freeze in your gutters, making removal even more difficult.  

This will leave you with waterfalls pouring down from your roof during heavy rainstorms, and icicles all along your roofline in the wintertime. Waiting to clean them in the spring once they’ve thawed will leave you dealing with a mess. Not to mention all of that debris gets heavy, and can lead to rain gutters pulling away, and falling off of your home. The longer you wait to clean your gutters, the bigger risk you’re taking which is why cleaning your rain gutters is important.

Damage Waiting to Happen

When you have rain gutters that haven’t been cleaned, they aren’t able to function properly. They aren’t able to move water down your roof, and away from your home and foundation. This can cause damage to your paint, siding, and leave water marks on your home.

But that’s just the beginning. The water damage continues if it is able to gain access inside walls, rotting the wood and breaching your home’s integrity. When water can’t flow away from the roof you may be left with water damage to your roof and shingles.
As mentioned, when your rain gutters become so heavy they cannot stay attached to your home any longer, you may have one come crashing through a window or taking out another area of your home. Avoid all of this damage by cleaning your rain gutters often.

Clean Them Often

Yes cleaning your rain gutters is vitally important, but that doesn’t mean it needs to dominate your to-do list. In fact, when done regularly, you really only need to clean them out twice a year. Spring and Fall are a great time to plan to clean out your gutters. Of course, if you live in an area with lots of trees, you may need to adjust your cleaning schedule. Adding a cover to your gutters can help lengthen the time between cleanings as well.

If You Waited Too Long

You may have just moved into a new home where the previous owner neglected the rain gutters. Or, maybe life just just a little too hectic and you weren’t able to clean them out like you know you should. Now, unfortunately, you have water damage from water running down, and toward your home. If this is the case, not to worry.

With RestoreMasters, water damage can be taken care of quickly and effectively. With the best techniques and equipment, you can be confident that any sign of moisture in your home where it shouldn’t be will be eliminated.



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