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What Makes RestoreMasters Different

When disaster strikes, you want a reliable company you can trust to put the pieces back together. There are many things to consider before choosing any restoration company. With that in mind, take a look at some of the things that makes RestoreMasters different than other companies.

Insurance Companies Trust Us

While a large scale home disaster may be new to you, it’s something your insurance company deals with on a regular basis for their customers. Insurance companies know the importance of getting the job done right the first time, not only to make their customers happy, but to avoid revisiting the problem down the road.

A large portion of our work comes from insurance companies. Why? Because they know they can trust us to get the job done right. RestoreMasters has built a reputation of honesty, integrity, and commitment to doing the job right. We work with insurance providers to ensure your home or business is restored correctly.

Licensed and Experienced

Not only is every team member of RestoreMasters experienced, we have the licensing and insurance to do the job right. Our team members go through extensive training to ensure we have what it takes to handle the job.

Unlike other restoration companies, RestoreMasters will obtain a bond when needed. Know that we’ll get the job done when it needs to be completed.

Customers Come Back to Us

Over the years, we’ve had many repeat customers come back to us at RestoreMasters, trusting our experience and knowledge. From the major emergencies to the smaller disaster restoration problems, our team is there to help set things back together.

But it’s not only the disaster restoration projects that our customers use us for. Repeat customers often come back for our construction services, from small to large-scale projects. It’s not just our customer service, experience, and licensing that keeps people in these situations coming back, it’s our dedication to giving customers the best service at a reasonable cost. We’re dedicated to ensuring your project is completed on time and done right.

RestoreMasters has a Personal Touch

When you work with RestoreMasters, our owners are part of the process throughout as well. Mike and Michelle Shurtliff supervise every job, ensuring the RestoreMasters quality is there. Mike and Michelle both often work on the projects with the team. We understand how devastating a disaster can be, not just of the structure of your home, but the contents inside as well. Because of this, Michelle is often personally involved with the content restoration process.

At RestoreMasters, know you’re getting the best service with a personal touch. We are dedicated to restoring our customers home or business in the wake of disaster. If you have been affected, give us a call and discover for yourself what makes RestoreMasters different.


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