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What is Vandalism?

What is Vandalism: How it Happens, How To Restore?

Vandalism is the deliberate destruction of property, and it can affect anyone, from homeowners to business owners. 

Although it’s often associated with a worn-down freeway overpass or underground subway stations, it can be found in local parks, suburban neighborhoods, and upscale business districts. Furthermore, it can affect public and private property, in major or minor ways. 

Most of our work is repairing the damage of natural disasters or structural damage due to shoddy workmanship or accidents, but occasionally we are called in to help a home or business repair the effects of vandalism.

Today, we’ll help you understand more about vandalism, how it happens, and how you can repair the damage. 


Vandalism as a Crime

1500 years ago, a tribe known as the Vandals infiltrated the Roman Empire and destroyed property so completely with burning and pillaging that from then on destruction of property was known as vandalism. Today, it’s a crime in every state and nearly every nation. This crime can be hard to prove unless the culprits are caught in the act, but consequences can be serious—especially depending on age, repeat offenses, financial reparations, and gang affiliations.

It’s important to note that in many states, “destruction of property” may be a separate but related crime, with more specific definitions. Vandalism can also be connected with reckless endangerment, hate crimes, gang activity, terrorism, and more. 


Examples of Vandalism

There are no constraints on the definition of vandalism, as there are unlimited ways to destroy, mark, or damage property. Essentially anything that intentionally harms property can be construed as vandalism. But there are a few common examples to illustrate the concept, including: 

  • Spray painting or other forms of graffiti
  • Stickers on cars or signs
  • Keying a car
  • Slashing tires
  • Breaking windows
  • Tipping or breaking gravestones
  • Carving into trees, benches, desks, or walls
  • Writing on walls, doors, windows, or other surfaces
  • Throwing items at a structure or car (“egging” etc.)

It certainly is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of what can be considered vandalism. 


Vandalism Restoration

No one wants the effects of vandalism on their home or business, but you may fear that the damage is permanent. Thankfully, there are options for removing it. Some vandalism attacks are a simple matter of cleanup, such as egging or toilet papering, that can be solved with a trash bag and a garden hose. Some types require specialist repairs, like replacing slashed tires or fixing broken windows. Intentional arson, flooding, or any type of marking can be handled effectively and without further property damage by a seasoned restoration crew. 


Restoremasters Can Remove Vandalism

Our team can restore any home or business with total confidence. We have the tools and know-how to return your vandalized property to its former glory without any lasting damage. From power washing to chemical removal to general cleanup, we can take care of your vandalism problem quickly so you can carry on with your business and feel safe again. 

Your first call might be to the police, but your second call should be to Restoremasters. We serve Salt Lake and Utah counties in Utah. 



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