You may not notice water damage until it’s visible, and then once leaking occurs, you’re in for some significant expense. Learn about the early signs of roof water damage and some solutions that won’t break the bank.

What Early Signs Should I Look for in Roof Water Damage?

There are several warning signs you can observe if your roof has water damage. Some of these signs include missing shingles and water stains on the ceiling. When you see the warning signs, you know your roof has suffered damage. To help you become aware, we point out the telltale signs of roof water damage.

Other Signs of Water Damage

Homeowners and business owners need to pay attention to these warning signs and obtain the necessary repairs, so the problem doesn’t worsen. The warning signs include:

Preventing Water Damage

Before water damage impacts your roof, consider the following prevention tips. Some proactive steps you can take include:


Call RestoreMasters

If you notice any of the warning signs, contact a roof specialist at RestoreMasters to do a thorough inspection, so you can identify any issues and get them repaired or replaced promptly. We have experienced specialists who can take care of the problem, so you and your family stays safe.

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