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Unexpected Causes of a House Fire

Unexpected Causes of a House Fire

It only takes 30 seconds for a fire to spiral out of control. A house fire can take over every room in your house and heat them up to more than 600 degrees; the hottest temperature the human body can handle is 115 degrees. Your family must have an escape plan in the event a house fire breaks out. 

Most people are aware of the common causes of house fires, such as unattended stoves, plugged in electronics, and candles.

However, there are also some less obvious house fire risks you and your family may not know about.

Realistically, you can’t detect every fire hazard in your home because there are far too many, but it doesn’t hurt to learn about lesser-known fire hazards. Reduce your risk of a house fire breaking out by being aware of these four unexpected causes of fires.

Loose Outlets

Not only are wobbly outlets challenging to use, but they’re also an invisible fire hazard. Loose outlets can spark house fires because there are blades inside of your outlets that generate heat. Moreover, wobbly outlets lead to exposed wires, which tear over time and become a fire hazard. Inspect your home’s outlets annually to see if they’re loose and tighten or replace any offending outlets.

Nail Polish Remover

Acetone, also known as nail polish remover, is a highly flammable combustible liquid. Combustible liquids can’t catch on fire, but the vapors they produce are flammable. Never use nail polish remover near open flames, outlets, stoves, or any other place where sparks can start.

Clothes Dryer

A dryer drives out heat and humidity while it’s spinning, and failure to clean out your lint trap can prevent your clothes from drying. A trap full of lint forces your dryer to work extra hard by increasing the operating temperature of the machine. The risk of a house fire increases when your dryer overheats. 

If your laundry room is in the middle of your home, then you likely have a long dryer vent. Longer dryer vents make it tough for a dryer to expel lint, which increases the potential of a house fire. Be on the lookout for lengthened drying times and an excess of lint in your dryer trap, as these are signs you should replace your dryer.

Glass Décor

Though glass and crystal decorations are beautiful, they’re also a hidden fire hazard. Glass ornaments placed in direct sunlight can reflect highly-concentrated beams of lights into your home, which will start a fire. If it’s sunny outside, close your curtains or put away your glass décor.


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to pinpoint every potential fire hazard in your home. The best you can do is exercise common sense and don’t leave any fires unattended. If you recently experienced a house fire, you’ll need the assistance of a restoration company to help you move on from this tragedy. RestoreMasters specializes in smoke damage restoration. Reach out to us today. 



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