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Tips On Handling Smoke Damage

If you’ve recently had a fire there is a lot to think about. Smoke damage is just one of the problems you’ll face after a fire besides soot, and the chemicals or water used to put out the fire. How to handle smoke damage is a major concern, and one of the things you should take care of first. Here are a few tips on handling smoke damage.

First things first, after a fire you need to make sure it’s ok to return to your home before you even begin to think about cleaning it. Make sure you get the ok from your local fire department or fire marshal.

Secondly, it is important to check with your insurance company before moving forward with any restorative services. Your insurance company may recommend a restoration company with mediation services. A restoration company may be able to work with your insurance company which can help alleviate some of the financial burden you may face after a fire.

Once you’ve done those two things, you can begin to focus on cleaning up. While there is a lot of cleanup you can do on your own (although it won’t be easy!), smoke damage is something that is much more difficult to take care of yourself. For one, the damage done by smoke is done at a molecular level which makes taking care of smoke damage pretty tricky. If you have smoke damage, it’s best to leave the cleanup process to professionals. A restoration company, like RestoreMasters, will evaluate your home, and the work necessary to restore your home to it’s original state of comfort and safety.  

If you have minor smoke damage, you can try a few at-home approaches. You can try using white vinegar to wipe down walls, floors, furniture or ceilings. The strong smell of vinegar can help eliminate the smell of smoke, and after it evaporates you will no longer smell the vinegar! Baking soda is also a good at-home fix. With it’s ability to naturally absorb odor you can try sprinkling some on furniture or other items that smell like smoke, or simply put a bowl of baking soda in rooms that are smell. Activated charcoal is another substance that can be used to absorb smells. If these fixes aren’t enough, it’s best to leave the smoke damage to professionals.

Smoke damage from fires isn’t the only thing that can cause smoke damage. The smell that lingers after lighting up a cigarette in your car or home is technically a form of smoke damage. Whether you’re trying to sell or buy a car or home with smoke damage, you need to get the help of a professional to get rid of such a stubborn odor.

RestoreMasters of Utah are prompt and professional. With their expertise you can be rid of the smell of smoke and  any other unpleasant smells.  It’s important to feel comfortable and safe in your home. Let RestorationMasters make you feel at home again with a clean and deodorized space. Call RestoreMasters today.


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