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Talking To Your Kids About Fire Hazards

Talking To Your Kids About Fire Hazards

Would your children know what to do if a fire started in your home? Fires are a tragic event that can occur for a multitude of reasons, and your children are most at risk when a house fire breaks out. According to the American Red Cross, children under the age of five are twice as likely to experience severe injuries or even death in a house fire.

Several fires have sparked as a result of children playing with household items, such as lighters and matches. Parents, teachers, childcare providers, and anyone else who works with children must all work together to teach children about fire safety. Review fire safety with your kids a few times a year so you can all be prepared if a fire breaks out.

Continue reading to find out how to best teach your children about fire hazards and safety.

Preventing Fires

Tell your children to avoid playing with matches, lighters, and candles; there’s no reason for your kids to be touching these items in the first place. As a parent, you’re responsible for keeping fire starters and flammable objects in a secure location out of your children’s reach. The U.S. Fire Administration states over 300 people die each year as a result of children starting a fire. Over $280 million in property is destroyed each year due to children playing with fire.

Some changes you can make to reduce the likelihood of a household fire, include strictly using lighters with child-resistant features and investing in flameless candles. Flameless candles contain a light bulb instead of an open flame, so if your kids accidentally knock over the flameless candle, there’s no chance of a fire breaking out.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Talking to your children about fire safety might bore them, so you have to develop ways to keep them entertained. A fun way of teaching your children about fire safety is by practicing “Stop, drop, and roll” with them. The stop, drop, and roll technique can potentially save your family if someone’s clothes catch on fire. Act out, stop, drop, and roll with your children and have them practice this technique in front of you. You can even add fun music while you practice.

Many fire-related injuries can be avoided if your children follow this advice instead of running.

Additionally, you can pick up some fun puppets and create a short play that promotes the stop, drop, and roll message. Fun videos about this technique aimed at children will also help your kids better retain this fire safety procedure.

Map out Escape Routes

Determine multiple ways out of every room in your house, if possible. Typically, this means using doors and windows as escape routes. Unfortunately, some rooms don’t have windows, which creates a fire entrapment issue. Kids are likely to go into hiding when they’re scared, so you must teach them the phrase, “Don’t hide, go outside.” Phrases like these can save your children’s lives in the event of a fire.

Practicing fire safety is tricky because you can’t predict every situation that can go wrong. House fires can leave you feeling vulnerable, but you can work with a restoration company that specializes in fire damage to help you get back on your feet. RestoreMasters can provide your home with smoke damage restoration. Reach out to us if you need our assistance.



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