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How To Stay Safe During A Thunderstorm

Many people enjoy a rainy day; it’s the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book! But what about when those drizzly rainstorms turn into dangerous thunderstorms? Believe it or not, thunderstorms can actually be quite dangerous.

Thunderstorms have a few different names – lightning storms, or electrical storms. That is because thunderstorms are known for their lightning, thunder, wind, hail, and heavy rain. When you get rain from a thunderstorm, it is typically a lot in a short amount of time. All of these factors can make for a dangerous storm with winds causing damage, flash-flooding, and even electricity from the lightning. Here’s how to stay safe during a thunderstorm.

Be Prepared

One way to stay safe during a thunderstorm is to be prepared for the worst. This means having a flashlight with extra batteries where you can easily find it, a method of communication that is also battery operated, a first aid kit, food and water, any medications you may need, and some cash. Incidentally, these are all good items to have on hand in case of any kind of emergency!

Before the Storm

Many thunderstorms will be announced on the radio or television before the storm hits. Pay attention to these warning so that you will have time to prepare. Continue to listen and watch for updates, avoid travel, and stay indoors. If there are dead tree branches near your home, try to move them safely before they fall. Shut all windows and lock the doors. You should also unplug your electronic equipment.

During the Storm

If you’re indoors, stay away from the windows and doors. If you’re outside, avoid anything that could conduct electricity. Stay away from water, telephone poles, metal, and even electrical appliances to avoid electrocution from lightning. Don’t lay on concrete floors or against concrete walls. It’s also important to stay put during the storm, unless you are in an area with immediate danger. Flash flooding can happen quickly, and you can easily get into a dangerous situation if you’re trying to drive a car when a flash flood hits.

After the Storm

After the storm has passed, be sure everyone in your home and near you is safe. Contact an ambulance if necessary. You should check for any downed power lines, and assume that there is live electricity until you know otherwise. Do not try to drive through flooded areas, instead stay put until it is safe and clear to travel.

If your home has water damage following a thunderstorm, you may feel overwhelmed and not know where to turn. RestoreMasters of Utah are your local flood, fire, and mold restoration experts. If you have water damage, it is especially important to take care of it immediately before the water causes thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home.

RestoreMasters can help minimize the cost of water damage and restore your home better than it was before! Stay safe during thunderstorms, and contact RestoreMasters to help after.


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