If you plug in a device and the outlet sparks, you may feel worried. You’re probably wondering if the spark is a major problem, or if it’s a normal occurrence. 

Should you be concerned about your outlets sparking? Find out in today’s blog. 

Why Do Outlets Spark?

Although it may be scary to see your outlet spark, a minor one is nothing to worry about. After all, electricity is powering your plugged-in devices, so you should expect some commotion. However, if you see frequent sparks with large bursts, this may indicate a problem. 

Stay tuned to learn more about the dangers of sparking outlets and how to prevent them. 

When Does a Sparking Outlet Become Dangerous?

A spark occurs each time you plug a device into an outlet, but you usually can’t see it because it happens faster than the naked eye can detect it. Keep in mind that not every spark is dangerous, but the following signifies potential danger:

Causes of Sparking Outlets

There are several causes of electrical outlet sparks, including: 


How Can I Prevent Future Outlet Sparks?

Here are a few tips to prevent major outlet sparks:

Dispose of your cords when you notice them begin to fray and buy replacements. Some people don’t want to spend money on new chargers, but it’s better to spend a few dollars on new ones as opposed to thousands in repairs if a fire breaks out. 


RestoreMasters Is Here to Help You

If you recently experienced a tragic house or business fire due to a sparking outlet, you may be feeling vulnerable. RestoreMasters specializes in emergency restoration, and we’re available 24/7. We’ll come to your location in less than one hour. Schedule a free assessment today. 

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