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How to Prepare for Winter Storms

Property Damage: How to Prepare for Winter Storms?

It’s no secret that winter storms can wreak havoc on your house, but with a bit of preparation, you can significantly minimize property damage.

Storms during the wintertime can range from moderate snowfall to a complete white-out blizzard that lasts several days. These severe storms can include freezing rain, ice, sleet, and extremely low temperatures. Winter weather can bring picturesque blankets of snow and icicles outlining your roof. 

Still, these intense storms can cause power outages and make traveling challenging, virtually immobilizing entire areas — even trips to the grocery store a few blocks down the road are impossible. Keeping your home ready for winter weather is essential for anyone that lives in areas that experience severe storms.

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3 Ways to be Prepared for Winter Storms

1. Gather Tools and Gear —Before the bad weather approaches, make sure you gather all the necessary tools, gear, and other items that will make the storms a bit more manageable. You’ll need snow shovels and other essential equipment to remove snow. 

You also may want to keep a decent amount of rock salt on hand to melt ice on the hardscaped areas on your property. If the power goes out during these winter storms, you’ll definitely want to have enough heating fuel, firewood, or a generator. At the very least, make sure you have plenty of blankets and warm clothes, flashlights, candles, and matches on hand.

2. Stock Up on Food and Water — Another couple of items you’ll want to make sure you’re well stocked up on are food and water. If the roads are too bad to travel on or the power goes out, you won’t be able to stop by the grocery store whenever you need something. But, by being prepared, this won’t be a problem. Stock up on items with a long shelf-life; while having fresh produce on hand is ideal, it can go bad a lot faster than pantry items. 

3. Winterize Your Property — Winterizing your property before the cold winter weather hits will make a big difference in your preparedness. A few days before the storm hits, take some time to ensure your gutter system is cleaned out and adequately working and trim any overhanging tree branches. 

Make sure your attics, basements, and exterior walls are properly insulated, as well as any plumbing that may need it. Get your heating systems serviced to ensure they are safe and in good working order. Caulk and drafty areas and get any damaged areas on your roof or home exterior repaired.

When Winter Storms Hit, Contact Restoremasters for Help

Preventing winter storms is impossible, so the best defense is a little preparation. But, when that isn’t enough, the experienced crew at Restoremasters is here to help.
Extreme weather, mold, and fire can wreak havoc on a house, and professional help is often required to handle the aftermath. If your home along the Wasatch Front is affected by any of these disasters, call the experts at Restoremasters. With over 100 years of combined experience, our skilled technicians work effectively and efficiently to restore your property to its former state. Contact Restoremasters to learn more today.


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