House fires are a tragic experience, often resulting in homeowners losing the safety of their house as well as prized possessions. Food, clothes, and transportation are subject to the ruinous effects of a blaze. When attempting to establish a routine in the face of trauma, it’s best to try to salvage some of your smaller items, such as clothes, so that you can get back into your daily routine faster. 


Being able to hold on to innocuous reminders of your life before the fire can feel comforting, Discover ways to salvage your clothes after a house fire.


The Importance of Salvaging Your Clothes

In the aftermath of a house fire, it’s essential to take speedy action if you hope to save some of your possessions. Clothing is an essential item that provides you with confidence, but replacing your wardrobe can be expensive. Rather than spending your savings on new clothes, you can invest in restoring your house. 


Here’s how to clean your textiles after a fire.


Step 1: Sort Out Your Clothes


Step 2: Remove the Smoke Stench


Step 3: Get Rid of Soot

Soot is a black, flaky substance consisting of carbon that grows on charred clothes. Here’s how to remove it:



Step 4: Wash Your Clothes


RestoreMasters Can Help You

Although treating your clothes for smoke odor is a significant first step toward recovery, the stench will return if smoke lingers around your home. The restoration experts at RestoreMasters have the equipment to rid your home of fire damage. We use negative air machines with deodorizing crystals. 


We understand you may feel overwhelmed due to the COVD-19 pandemic, but house fires can break out at any moment. For this reason, our team remains hard at work during these difficult times. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have. 

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