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How Can I Remove Graffiti From My Home?


Whether the graffiti on your home was a minor prank or a malicious act of destruction, it should be removed immediately.

When your property suffers damage due to vandalism, such as graffiti, it is important to address it right away. Graffiti is much more difficult to remove the longer it sits, and as untreated graffiti sits, it only attracts more vandalism. Getting rid of graffiti as soon as possible will discourage graffiti vandals and restore your home or business’s look and reputation.

Continue reading to learn more about removing graffiti from your property below.

How to Remove Graffiti from Your Home or Business

Removing graffiti can be frustrating. On top of feeling violated and disrespected, removing graffiti is challenging depending on the surface that’s been affected. But before you do anything to remove the damage, make sure to reach out to your insurance company to file a claim. Additionally, you’ll want to take plenty of photographs and video footage of the damaged areas before you begin to clean up.

Now that you’ve handled the insurance side of things, here are a few tips for removing graffiti from your home:

TIMING IS EVERYTHING — As previously mentioned, it is best to remove the graffiti as soon as possible, before the paint sets in, preferably within the first 24 to 48 hours. Moreover, the sooner you erase a graffiti artist’s work, the less likely they will do it again.

START WITH HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS — Because spray paint removal products can be pricey, you may want to consider starting with cleaners you likely already own. Depending on the surface on which the graffiti was applied, you can test a small area using a scouring pad, wire brush, and water. If that doesn’t work, move up to paint thinner, rubbing alcohol, oven cleaner, acetone, mineral spirits, or other solvents. Do not forget to wear gloves and other safety gear when using harsh products like these. Keep in mind these chemicals can affect the painted surfaces of your home.

GO GREEN — If you want to avoid using abrasive products and opt for a green alternative, you can try a mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice.

PRESSURE WASH — Whether you rent one from your local hardware store or you already own one, a pressure washer can be a great way to remove graffiti. Start off using low pressure and slowly build as necessary. Do not use a pressure washer on untreated or aged wood as it can push the paint deeper into the surface and use pressure washers cautiously on painted surfaces.

PAINTING PROJECT — If graffiti was applied to a painted surface, it might be easiest to paint over the affected area. Head to the local paint store with the details of your exterior paint and simply cover the eyesore with new paint.

CALL A PROFESSIONAL — The best way to handle graffiti on your property is to let an expert handle the job. An experienced professional knows how to handle graffiti based on how long it’s been there and what surface the spray paint was applied to.

Contact Restoremasters to Remove Graffiti Today

Removing graffiti from your property yourself can feel overwhelming. If your home or business in the Salt Lake City area has been damaged due to graffiti, contact the professionals as Restoremasters today. Vandalism can strike at any time and can be detrimental to your property. We are available 24/7 for emergency acts of vandalism and will work directly with your insurance company. Don’t let the vandals “win.” Call the experienced and skilled team at Restoremasters to restore your home or business to its normal condition today.


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