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Fire Damage: Why Restoration Should Be Left to the Pros


If fire damage has affected your property, you are probably eager to get it back to its former state as soon as possible.

Most homeowners are ready to move forward soon after a fire and leave the incident and trauma in the past. But it’s important not to be tempted into tackling the project yourself. Instead, it is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable professional handle the job. Even people with plenty of home improvement experience and skills can find it difficult to completely erase the devastating effects of a fire, resulting in their efforts falling short of what is required by law. 

You should always leave damage restoration to the pros; continue reading to learn why.

Why Fire Damage Restoration Should Be Left to the Professionals

Outside of the obvious dangers of an untrained person assessing, cleaning, and restoring the damage, there are other reasons why you should call on the professionals for fire damage restoration:

Unseen Damage to the Untrained Eye

Fire damage can appear to be minor and only superficial, so much so that some homeowners think they can handle the cleanup and restoration themselves. Walls and ceilings can hide a lot of damage, and a professional who knows what they’re doing should assess the situation. Then, you can rest assured knowing there are no structural issues or other problems hidden from sight.

Health Hazards Could be Hidden

The hazards of fire damage do not stop once the flames calm down. What’s left behind, such as smoke and soot, do more than remind you of the unfortunate disaster that took place. Any sort of exposure, especially prolonged exposure, to damaged objects and the remaining residue can pose a severe threat to your health, especially during the cleanup process. Items that cannot burn cleanly, such as plastic, wood, textiles, foam, and other household materials, leave behind soot and contain many toxic materials. If that weren’t bad enough, invisible soot particles can float around in the air and contain carcinogens such as tar, ammonia, formaldehyde, and more.

Water Used to Put Out the Fire Can Lead to Mold

A ton of water is required to put out fires; in fact, much of the damage comes from this water. Walls, furniture, framing, and more get soaked in the process and are left to sit, potentially leading to mold. Mold can be incredibly challenging to remediate, and the proper knowledge, tools, and methods that a professional has can treat and eradicate it. 

Potential Lingering Smoke

If the smoke is not treated correctly, the smell can linger for a long time. Smoke is absorbed by porous surfaces, like walls, carpets, clothes, insulation, and more during a fire, leaving a powerful and enduring scent. An untrained homeowner can use a surface treatment to mask the smell of smoke, but it only works temporarily. However, a professional smoke remediation specialist can extract and seal the odors not to come back.

Has Your Home Suffered Fire Damage? Contact Restoremasters Today!

Let the professionals at Restoremasters handle your fire damage. If your home in Salt Lake City or anywhere along the Wasatch Front has suffered damage due to smoke, fire, mold, water, or vandalism, you should call on our team of experts. Our certified and knowledgeable techs are specialized in these fields and have the expertise to restores your home and help you get back to normalcy sooner. We proudly serve cities from Ogden down to Provo. Contact Restoremasters today.


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