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Everything You Need To Know About Mold


What Causes Mold Growth in Houses?

Mold tends to grow anywhere there is water or humidity, including in houses. Any place that isn’t completely dry is vulnerable to mold growth. This often happens in houses, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, attics, in walls, and so on. It could be a leak causing a wet area, poor air circulation, condensation on windows, or a thousand other things. You may keep a clean house and still be vulnerable to mold growth. Mold growth is most common in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens because of the excessive moisture, but it can grow anywhere and often grows in places you can’t see it.

Mold Often Goes Unnoticed

Many people have mold growth in their home without even noticing it. If you are suspicious that you may have mold growth, you may notice a few things. There could be an odor caused by the mold—a kind of fungal smell. Water staining or discoloration are also signs of mold growth. You may also notice some trouble with allergies or other respiratory symptom troubles if you have a mold allergy and there is mold growth nearby.

If you suspect that you may have mold growth in your home, contact Restore Masters. A mold growth test is simple and fast! Better to know than to wonder.

Why You Should Get Mold Removed

Once mold growth has been identified, it is very important to get it removed. Mold can cause extensive damage in a house. For most people, exposure to small amounts of mold won’t affect them. However, some mold growth can cause health issues. Mold growth can also affect your properly value—no one will want to live in a house with a mold issue. It can also affect your air quality, create structural issues, and bring down your property value.  

Mold Removal

The process of mold removal includes finding the source of the growth and what is causing it. Then the fungus will need to be killed and removed. The next step is to protect the area from any potential future mold growth. It can be tough to completely eliminate mold growth while also preventing cross-contamination and potential new growth. For the most effective mold removal, contact Restore Masters.

Mold Prevention

There are a few things you can do to prevent mold growth in your home. First off, dry all wet or damp materials. Even something like a damp towel can create mold spores. Cleaning surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathroom with disinfects is also a good idea. Try a vapor steam cleaner to disinfect entire areas. Reduce moisture in your bathroom by running your fan during and after a shower. Replace any damaged or leaking pipes as soon as possible, they can often lead to mold growth. Increasing the airflow in your home is also a big help. Leave doors open, run your AC, open windows—do what you can to prevent stagnant air and increase ventilation.


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