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Cleaning Out Your Window Wells: Why It’s Important In Preventing Water Damage

Your window well serves an important purpose; it provides an emergency exit from the basement of your home in case of an emergency. Besides that, it allows natural light to fill your basement which can be an easy mood booster and an energy saver.

But your window well does require some attention. You want to make sure your galvanized window well stays in good condition without any damage so that you can keep your yard from falling into your basement window well. It’s also important to regularly clean out your window well. Why? For one, it is an important part of preventing water damage. Here’s how…

Besides the added benefits mentioned above, your window well serves as a way to prevent water damage to the basement of your home. When your window wells were installed, a built-in drainage system was also installed. The bottom of your window well is usually filled with some kind of gravel with a drain underneath. This drain leads to a pipe which is placed at the base of the well. The pipe then leads away from your home’s foundation and out into your yard where the natural slope and gravity can pull excess water away from and off of your property. Some window wells may be set up to move the water inside the home through a pump and into a sump pump in the basement floor where it is then pumped outside the home.

These drainage systems work great until they don’t. Over time your window well will easily collect leaves, twigs, dirt, other debris, and even toys! When this happens, it can hinder the drainage system from working properly. The next time you get a heavy rainfall or get lots of snow melting around your home you are going to experience water buildup, flooding, and water damage to your home.

You can prevent water damage by regularly and routinely maintaining your window well and cleaning out all of the buildup and debris that collects in your window well. You should be doing this every few months. A great time to clean out your window wells is before winter when leaves can easily cause problems with your drainage system. Spring again is a great time to clean out your window well as your drainage system tries to handle all of the melting snow from the season.

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