What Can I Do To Prevent Mold From Growing?

Every homeowner and landlord needs to understand how to prevent mold from growing to keep their properties safe. Mold is enough to scare any homeowner, and with good reason. It can spread rapidly and is often difficult to remove—not to mention the many health concerns it can cause. It’s best to keep mold from getting […]

Can You Clean Up Mold Yourself?

Every house develops mold at some point. This substance darkens your bathroom’s corners, can stain every room’s walls, and spread in between tiles. Not only that, but mold is unsightly and can deteriorate your wood’s quality.    How do you stop the spread of this icky substance? Find out in today’s blog.    The Dangers […]

Signs You Have a Mold Problem

Mold growth can often go undetected for some time. If it is left for too long, mold can cause extensive damage. Check your home for these signs to avoid any potential mold damage in your space.  1. A Strange Odor Mold growth can cause your house to smell strange and feel stuffy. If you’re noticing […]

Signs You Have Mold in Your Home

Mold growth often goes undetected in homes. Because it usually grows within walls and unseen places it can be hard to spot early. But the earlier you catch it, the less damage it can do to your home and health. This silent danger can be catastrophic to a home when it’s left untreated. Mold continues […]

10 Things You May Not Know About Mold

Mold can grow on Christmas trees. Mold growth is common in areas surrounding outdoor foliage, so when you bring a living Christmas tree indoors, you may be bringing mold into your home. You can’t paint over mold. Painting over mold is a bad idea for many reasons. It will cause paint to bubble and crack […]

The Effects of Mold on Your Health

What is mold? Mold is a sporous fungus that grows indoors and outdoors in warm, damp, and humid conditions. It is often found in basements, attics, or homes in humid climates or that have been exposed to moisture. There are thousands of different kinds of mold. Mold is common and in small amounts, it’s usually […]

Myths & Facts About Mold’s Effect On Your Health

If you’ve ever had a water issue in your home, you probably have a few questions about mold. Was there enough water damage to grow mold? How will I know if I have a mold problem? And, will the mold effect my health? Here are a few myths and facts about mold to help you […]

What Is an Air Scrubber?

Finding mold in your home can be very worrisome. Maybe it’s just a little bit in your shower, or perhaps you’ve stumbled on a big problem in your attic or crawl space. The amount of mold you find will determine your best course of action. You can purchase products to help clear your shower of […]