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Can Mold Growth Impact Your Health?


What is Mold? There are many different types of mold, but mold is really a non-scientific term for fungi. It appears as fuzzy patches of black, brown, yellow, and green growths. There are numerous species of fungi or mold. It can be found both indoors and outdoors, that means that it can be growing in your house.

Mold is a part of our everyday life. It can be found in penicillin, yeast, blue cheese, mushrooms, and more. Mold spores are everywhere, but for active mold to grow, it needs moisture. For this reason, mold usually grows in dark and damp places. Mold found indoors often comes in the form of bacteria and dust mites. Excessive mold growth can develop an unpleasant smell. It may or may not be visible.

Where there are places of excessive moisture, mold is prone to grow. If there is leakage from a roof, in a pipe, through the walls, near plant pots, or anywhere else, there may be mold growth. Because of the excessive moisture, bathrooms and kitchens are usually the most prone to mold growth.

Health Effects of Mold Exposure

Indoor mold growth means exposure to mold for those living in the house. Most mold exposure is harmless. But for some who have a mold allergy, they can develop allergy-like symptoms such as respiratory issues. Though most molds are harmless to most people, allergies, and infections are possible. Because there is a little bit of mold everywhere, most mold exposure will not have an effect on your health. But for those with chronic respiratory disease or asthma, they may experience more trouble breathing or other allergy symptoms. Those with immune suppression may also experience the effects of mold exposure as they will be at an increased risk for infection. Some people will be more sensitive to mold. Though some people may also be developing an illness due to other things that are causing the mold, like a damp and dark environment.

Although mold is not likely having much of an impact on your health, it is very likely to be damaging the structure of your house. Mold can damage anything it’s growing on. Mold can act like a building cancer and weaken the structure of a home. It can cause wood to rot and greatly impact the structural integrity of the home.

For health concerns and to maintain the structural integrity of the home or building, mold growth should be eliminated when discovered. Testing for mold is quick and cheap.

If you think there may be mold growing in your home, contact us at Restore Masters. Our team of professionals can remove the mold from your house in a timely manner and ensure that more mold does not sprout. Often times when homeowners try to clear up mold themselves, the mold can quickly sprout up again.

Avoid the potential hazards of mold and the probability of it returning when you work with us at Restore Masters. Contact us today to get going!


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