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Can I DIY Storm Damage Clean Up? 7 Reasons It’s Worth It to Call the Professionals

Can I DIY Storm Damage Clean Up? 7 Reasons It's Worth It to Call the Professionals

When you’re faced with the aftermath of a storm, dealing with storm damage cleanup is easily overwhelming. It’s tempting to tackle the cleanup yourself, hoping to save money and regain a sense of normalcy as quickly as possible. However, storm damage restoration is a complex process that involves more than simply clearing away debris.

Indeed, storm damage cleanup requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and experience to properly address all visible and hidden damages.

In this situation, you might wonder whether the DIY route is the best approach or if calling in the professionals would be a wiser choice. Balancing cost considerations with the need for thorough and safe restoration is crucial in making an informed decision protecting your property and well-being.

Today’s blog covers the pros and cons of storm damage cleanup and gives seven reasons why you should hire professionals for your storm damage restoration. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to consider.  

The Appeal of DIY Storm Damage Clean Up

If you want to save money, feel accomplished, and have flexibility and control over the cleanup process, DIY cleanup will appeal to you. 

  • Cost savings: One of the most compelling reasons you might opt for DIY storm damage cleanup is the potential for cost savings. Hiring professionals can be expensive, and you might believe that doing the work yourself will significantly reduce expenditures. By not having to pay for labor and service fees, you can allocate your resources to other pressing needs, such as purchasing materials or addressing other home repairs. Additionally, doing it yourself allows you to choose budget-friendly solutions and materials, enabling more economical management of the cleanup process.
  • Sense of accomplishment: Undertaking and completing storm damage cleanup on your own comes with a profound sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Successfully navigating the challenges and resolving the issues associated with storm damage boosts your confidence and self-efficacy. This empowerment makes you feel more in control and capable, fostering a sense of pride and achievement. The experience gained can also be invaluable, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to better handle similar situations in the future.
  • Flexibility and control over the process: DIY cleanup allows you to have complete control over every aspect of the cleanup process. You decide when to start the cleanup, set your own pace, and determine which areas to prioritize. This flexibility enables you to manage your time and efforts more effectively, accommodating your schedule and personal preferences. Having control over the process also means you can make informed decisions about the methods and materials used, ensuring that the cleanup is done to your specifications and standards.
DIY Clean Up

Risks and Challenges of DIY Clean Up

Even with the appeal of DIY cleanup, there are safety concerns. You also need to ensure you have the knowledge and skills for the cleanup and to avoid further damage. 

  • Safety concerns: When you decide to tackle storm damage cleanup yourself, you expose yourself to various safety risks. The aftermath of a storm leaves behind hazards such as fallen trees, exposed electrical wires, and unstable structures. You risk injury from sharp objects, electrical shocks, and structural collapses without proper training and protective gear. Additionally, mold and bacteria can proliferate in water-damaged areas, posing health risks if not properly addressed. It’s crucial to assess the situation’s safety thoroughly before embarking on a DIY cleanup.
  • Inadequate knowledge and skills: The lack of professional knowledge and skills is a drawback when you opt for DIY cleanup. You may encounter situations or damages you don’t know how to handle or repair, leading to ineffective solutions and temporary fixes. Identifying and resolving the underlying issues causing water damage or structural instability is challenging without the proper know-how. This inadequacy can result in incomplete cleanup and restoration, leaving your property vulnerable to recurring problems.
  • Potential for further damage: When you attempt storm damage cleanup without the requisite expertise and experience, there’s a substantial risk of causing further damage to your property. Incorrect handling of damaged structures, improper use of equipment, or the application of inappropriate cleaning agents exacerbates the existing damage. Mistakes made during the DIY cleanup process lead to more extensive repairs and higher costs in the long run, negating any initial savings from not hiring professionals.
  • Time and effort required: DIY cleanup is often extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. You may find yourself spending countless hours removing debris, drying out water-damaged areas, and repairing damages. The effort required to learn new skills, source materials, and perform the cleanup is often overwhelming, especially when balanced against other responsibilities such as work and family. The time and energy invested in DIY cleanup easily outweigh the benefits, especially when compared to the efficiency and expertise offered by professional services.
Storm Damage Clean Up

7 Reasons to Hire Professionals for Your Storm Damage Clean Up 

There are seven reasons why hiring professionals for your storm damage cleanup is a good idea. Think experience, access to specialized equipment, time efficiency, safety, and long-term cost-effectiveness. And that’s not to mention their ability to act as an insurance liaison and provide comprehensive services. 

Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Experience and expertise: When you hire professionals, you benefit from their extensive experience and expertise in handling storm damage cleanup. Experts have the training to assess, manage, and resolve a variety of damage types, ensuring that all issues get addressed thoroughly and effectively. Their knowledge of best practices and industry standards guarantees high-quality work, reducing the risk of unresolved or recurring problems. This expertise is crucial in navigating the complexities of storm damage and implementing the most appropriate and effective solutions.
  2. Access to specialized equipment: Professional cleanup services have access to advanced, specialized equipment typically unavailable to the average homeowner. This equipment allows them to perform cleanup tasks more efficiently and effectively, addressing issues such as water extraction, debris removal, and structural drying. The use of specialized tools and technology ensures a more thorough and precise cleanup, addressing visible damages and hidden issues that lead to long-term problems.
  3. Time-efficiency: Professionals complete the cleanup process much more quickly than you could on your own, thanks to their experience, expertise, and equipment. Their ability to promptly assess and address damages minimizes the downtime and disruption to your life, allowing you to return to normalcy sooner. The speed and efficiency of professional services are especially valuable in mitigating the progression of damage and preventing the onset of mold and structural deterioration.
  4. Safety: Safety is a top priority for professional cleanup services. They follow strict safety protocols and use protective gear to prevent accidents and injuries during cleanup. Their knowledge of safety risks associated with storm damage, such as electrical hazards and structural instability, allows them to navigate and manage these risks effectively. By hiring professionals, you avoid exposing yourself to these dangers and ensure a safer cleanup environment.
  5. Insurance liaison: Professional cleanup services often assist in documenting damages and liaising with insurance companies to facilitate claims processes. Their experience with insurance protocols and requirements enables them to provide accurate and comprehensive documentation of damages and repairs, maximizing your chances of a favorable claim outcome. This assistance alleviates the stress and burden of dealing with insurance matters, ensuring a smoother and more manageable experience.
  6. Comprehensive service: Professional services offer a comprehensive approach to storm damage cleanup, providing a range of services from damage assessment to restoration. They address all aspects of damage, including structural repairs, water extraction, mold remediation, and debris removal. This all-encompassing service ensures that every issue gets addressed, leaving no stone unturned in restoring your property to its pre-damage condition. The convenience of having a one-stop solution for all your cleanup needs significantly simplifies the recovery process.
  7. Long-term cost-effectiveness: While the upfront cost of hiring professionals might seem high, the long-term cost-effectiveness of professional cleanup is substantial. By ensuring thorough and proper cleanup and restoration, professionals prevent future problems and additional expenses related to improper cleanup. Avoiding long-term damages and preserving your property’s value make professional services a wise investment in the long run.

Storm Damage Clean Up With Restoremasters

When facing the daunting task of storm damage cleanup, don’t compromise on safety and quality. Trust the experts at Restoremasters to handle your storm damage restoration needs with the utmost precision and care. 

Our team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to ensure a thorough and effective restoration process. Don’t let the aftermath of a storm overwhelm you — choose peace of mind and long-term cost-effectiveness by opting for professional services. 

Contact Restoremasters today, and let us help restore your property to its former glory, ensuring a safe and secure environment for you and your loved ones. Call us at 801.948.2478 or fill out the form on our website to schedule storm damage restoration today. 


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