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5 Myths About Mold

Mold – a word that can instantly cause worry and stress.  Many homeowners see mold growth and think they have a major problem. They may worry about the “worst mold,” or black mold and think it’s time to evacuate the house! While mold can be a problem, it’s also something that is naturally found in every home. To avoid unnecessary worry and stress, it’s important to understand when mold is ok, and when it is not. These myths about mold will help you do just that!

1. Black Mold is the Worst Mold

Black mold is real, but there are actually many types of mold that are black in color. Many of them are pretty common and shouldn’t scare you. The black mold you’re probably thinking of is a particular strain called Stachybotrys chartarum that is associated with major water damage. The health concerns with Stachybotrys aren’t that different from those of other molds. High exposure can cause serious health concerns, but those are usually seen in agriculture not in homes.

2. Mold Easy to Spot with Your Eye

The fact is, mold is everywhere. There is mold in the air, mold on plants and in the ground, and in your home! There is mold that you can see, and mold you can’t see.

3. Mold Always Causes Health Problems

Many people don’t have any health problems from mold. Others, may become slightly irritated when they are exposed to it. They generally experience itchy eyes, throat, a runny nose, coughing, and sneezing. Weak immune systems, the young, and old may experience more problems. Mold is also known to aggravate or worsen asthma for those with a preexisting condition. While there are more serious illnesses associated with mold, they are rare.

4. Mold is No Big Deal

While some mold is inevitable and invisible to the naked eye, you want to eliminate mold that can potentially turn into a bigger problem. A little bit of mold in the shower isn’t a huge deal, but it is sign of poor ventilation or moisture accumulation. By using your bathroom fan and leaving the shower curtain open while your shower dries, you not only make the environment less habitable for mold, but you’re doing your bathroom, and home a favor too by keeping it dry and in good condition.
If you find a lot of mold, it is a big deal and should be taken care of. You should address the root of the problem and find out why there is so much moisture in your home.

5. You Can Just Kill Mold Yourself

While the common mold found in your shower is pretty harmless and easily treated with household solutions, there are more harmful molds and mold in large quantities that should be taken care of by a professional. RestoreMasters offers many services, from treating mold infestations to asbestos and deodorization. If your home has been through a natural disaster of any kind, the experts with RestoreMasters can help get your home back to the way it was. For any type of mitigation, cleanup, or restoration, contact RestoreMasters.


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