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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage

Everyone knows water damage isn’t good, but there are a lot of things about water damage that many people don’t know. These unanswered questions are often important facts that can make a big difference in the quality and safety of your home. The more you understand about water damage, the better able you’ll be to react and deal with water damage, should you be put in that situation. You may not have to deal with a major disaster, but most people deal with water damage at some point in their lives. Here are five frequently asked questions about water damage.

1. What can cause water damage?

Water damage can be a result of a natural disaster, flash flooding, sewage leaks, pipe bursts, appliance malfunctions, roof or foundation leaks, or poor drainage, to name a few.

2. What happens when my home gets water damage?

In the aftermath of water damage, you’ll notice a few things. Water will cause drywall to sag and disintegrate. Paint will also bubble and peel. If you see these two signs, it’s a safe bet that the insulation behind your drywall is wet too.

When water is present for an extended period of time, wood will begin to swell. Hardwood floors may also buckle and warp. Eventually wood will begin to rot. Glue holding down particle board in kitchens and bathrooms will lose its effectiveness.

If your carpet gets wet, it will pull away from the backing leaving it permanently ruined. If water then makes its way to your electrical system, it will short. This could lead to damage to your electrical equipment, shock, or even ignition of a fire.

You’ll also be susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

3. What should I do after a flood, water or sewage leak?

After you are in a safe place where you can stay dry and safe from electrical shock, call a professional restoration company to get to work asap!

4. Is water damage dangerous?

As mentioned above, when you have water in your home, a lot of things are going to start breaking down. Things will break, fall, and crumble. Water also leads to mold growth, and if the water is from a sewage leak, you’ll also be dealing with dangerous contaminants.

5. Can I fix it myself?

If you are dealing with a small amount of water, you can easily mop it up, and wipe it dry. But when you have major flooding or leaks, it’s going to be a bit more than your mop can handle (no matter how good it is!). When it comes to water damage, there is a lot of water you won’t be able to see or have access too. You’ll start to get some of the damage above without even knowing it! It’s important to have a professional take care of your water damage for you. Then you can rest easy knowing the integrity of your home is safe, and your family members will not be susceptible to any health threats.

RestoreMasters specializes in water damage as well as mold removal. Call them today if you’ve had any amount of water damage!


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