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Can Graffiti Be Permanent?

Can Graffiti Be Permanent?

Graffiti and vandalism can be frustrating problems to deal with, especially when they’re happening to your home or business. But is graffiti permanent? It can be, especially if it’s not treated immediately.

The longer graffiti is left untreated, the harder it is to remove. Not only that, but leaving graffiti on your property also attracts more graffiti and vandalism. Dealing with graffiti right away will give you the best chance of removing it completely. 

Here’s a look at what type of permanent damage graffiti can have, and what the best methods are for removing graffiti from your property.

What Is Graffiti?

You might have heard graffiti referred to as “street art”. The terms are often used interchangeably, but the truth is that they’re very different things. Graffiti refers to markings, photos, words, initials, or drawings that have been spray-painted, sketched, or scratched into walls or sidewalks in publicly accessible areas. 

Street art, on the other hand, may be commissioned by a city or business owner to add life and beauty to a specified area. This public art is a way of showing off art pieces outside of a museum setting.

Graffiti is most often created illegally since most places don’t want people to spray paint words onto their buildings or structures. The illegal nature of graffiti means that it’s largely related to crime and vandalism.

Permanent Damage From Graffiti

So is graffiti permanent, and what makes it so hard to remove? All graffiti is a little different, and whether or not it’s permanent will depend on how quickly it is treated and what type of paint or marker was used.

Most graffiti is done using spray paint. This can be especially damaging because spray paint contains harsh and toxic chemicals. These chemicals can lead to the erosion of building surfaces, such as concrete, brick, and siding. 

Spray paint can be very difficult to remove and if it’s not done properly, there’s a chance that the damage could become permanent. Removing spray paint needs to be done with extreme caution. The potential damage that can be caused by a failed attempt at removing it may be much worse than the damage from the spray paint itself.

Here’s a look at some of the damage that can be caused by poor attempts to remove graffiti from your home or business.

  • Etching – Choosing the right graffiti remover can be difficult. You need something that’s strong enough to remove the paint without damaging the surface underneath it. Etching can occur when the wrong graffiti remover is used. The harsh or corrosive cleaner may damage the surface and leave a permanent mark.
  • Shadow residue – It’s tempting to try and remove graffiti on your own, especially when you’re in a hurry to get rid of it or you want to save money. Unfortunately, most DIY graffiti removal jobs don’t turn out well. Using the wrong cleaning solution can leave a dark shadow around the graffiti and actually enhance it’s appearance.
  • Pressure washing damage – Pressure washing can be an effective way to remove graffiti, but it’s important that it’s done by a skilled professional. A pressure washer can cause holes, dents, and damage to the paint and the surface if it’s not done properly. The water may also cause the graffiti to bleed and spread to other surfaces. 

How to Remove Graffiti

There are several approaches to removing graffiti. The best thing you can do as a home or business owner is to call a professional damage restoration team as soon as you notice graffiti or vandalism on your property. Graffiti has the best chance of being removed effectively if it’s handled in the first 24 hours, while the paint is still fresh.

The restoration team will arrive at your property to assess the damage, and will then choose their removal approach. Their chosen methods may vary depending on the type of surface the graffiti is located on, the type of paint used, and the extent of the damage. Here’s a look at some of the removal methods they might use.

  • Paint – The easiest method for removing graffiti is to simply cover it up. This approach doesn’t work on all surfaces, but it works well if the surface is already painted. It’s fast and effective in the short term, but the graffiti may start to bleed through over time, and paint will need to be re-applied frequently. 
  • Graffiti remover – Chemical and non-chemical removers are available to help clean the surface and remove the graffiti, but they should be used with extreme caution so they don’t damage the surface. The restoration team will be trained in how to use these removers safely without causing further damage to your property.
  • Pressure washing – Another popular method for removing graffiti is washing the paint away with a pressure washer. This requires a machine with the right settings for the surface so further damage isn’t caused. Don’t try this method on your own; make sure you call the professionals!

Contact Restoremasters Today to Avoid Permanent Damage From Graffiti

So, is graffiti permanent? Not with the right team on your side. That’s why Restoremasters is here to help. Our graffiti removal team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to restore your home or business to its original, graffiti-free state. Vandalism can occur at any time of the day, so our team is available 24/7 to address emergency situations.

Removing graffiti yourself can cause further and permanent damage to your home or business. Calling the professionals right away to handle the job is essential to protecting your property from further damage.

Our goal at Restoremasters is to promptly repair damage to your property caused by graffiti, wind, fire, mold, water, sewage, or smoke. We have more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry and the right tools for the job, so we can quickly get you back to everyday life after your property has suffered damage. 

We are located in Sandy, Utah, and provide services to the greater Salt Lake and Utah County areas, from Salt Lake City to Spanish Fork and everywhere in between. Contact us today via the form on our website or give us a call at 801.938.8654 to get started!


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